Friday, September 7, 2012

The Great Nunna Search

I'm certain that at some point over the years, I've mentioned "Nunna".  Nunna is what Pickle calls one particular Piglet stuffed toy that she latched onto at the young age of only 6 months.  
Today I thought we had lost Nunna.  It was bedtime and I couldn't find Nunna anywhere.  I couldn't recall Pickle having him all day, so that would mean he was in her bed, right?  Wrong.  It hit me like a Mack truck.  As we had waited for the twins' bus this morning, she handed Nunna to me to hold because he was getting wet on the grass.  Then a neighbourhood dog came by so I put him on the back bumper of the van to hold back our dog who was waiting with us.  Did I pick him back up?, I couldn't remember bringing him into the house once the twins had gone.
Somehow, I managed to get Pickle to sleep despite her heartbreaking pleas "Nunna lost", "Somebody take my Nunna, please they give him back", all said with a quivering lip.  With each plea, my heart was ripped into smaller and smaller pieces.  My poor little girl was heart-broken and it was all my fault.  
I got the kids all tucked in and then sat down for mommy grief to wash over me.  I sobbed hysterically until I managed to pull myself together and walk the street in the hopes that I would find Nunna in the gutter somewhere.

No such luck.

I walked home, completely crest fallen and resigned to the fact that Nunna was indeed lost; and that's when it happened!  I was locking the back door since it had begun to rain, and the dog wouldn't go out, and as the wind blew the curtains of the gazebo moved.  Was that a flash of white under the corner of the deck?  No, it couldn't be, could it?  I hurry outside in the rain, no shoes, no jacket and grab for the flash of's NUNNA!  

My heart raced with joy.  I have NEVER been so glad to see a stuffed toy in all my life.  I promptly yelled at the pig for all the grief he had caused, then hugged him close.  Yes, probably a little excessive; but, I couldn't help it, I was elated.

I raced upstairs and quietly tucked Nunna under Pickle's arm.  It took every last ounce of will power to not wake her; but, I know she'll find him in the morning and be over the moon with happiness.
I'm not sure what's going to happen if Nunna ever does get lost.  I don't think I can handle another event like the one tonight.  God willing, that won't ever happen and Pickle will outgrow Nunna before we have to deal with anything so tragic.
In the meantime, a girl and her Nunna are happily reunited and share many more experiences together.

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