Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catching Up

You know when you spend a significant amount of time writing and rewriting a post, only to have it disappear into cyber space?  Yeah, that's happened twice in a week and a half.
My "Monday Musings" post from last week never appeared.  I hit "publish" and, poof, it's gone.  I can't locate it in my post archives and it certainly didn't publish.  I also know I didn't delete it as there's a confirm step before doing so, unlike the publish function which is a one-click function.

So this post will be a little bit of everything thrown together; I hope you don't mind.

Last week, I wanted to share how much fun I had at a Tocara party.  It seems in-home parties are making a come back; as I've certainly witnessed with my own Stampin' Up! business.  But somehow, I had never heard of Tocara; and, that's probably a good thing!  Tocara is jewelry.  Beautiful sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry.  Their line includes necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings and more!  I managed to only purchase an anklet while at the party; but, I came out with a booking to host my own party in January 2013!  I'm really excited too!  Just for booking, I'm going to get $75 in FREE jewelry.  The difficult part will be deciding what to get!

Saturday, the 20th, I took my Guides and Pathfinders to sell Girl Guide Cookies; which, I still have lots of by the way!  It was a cold and wet day.  We ended up with 9 of our 12 girls coming out and managed to sell ten (10) cases; not bad in the rain!  It must have been the, very faint, rainbow that appeared on the horizon.

After we wrapped up cookie sales, I headed home to warm up and grab some lunch before taking the kids to meet their new cousin!  I had the opportunity to meet my niece earlier in the week; but the kids were super excited to get to meet her.  

My parents, whom had been babysitting the kids while I was selling cookies with the Guides and Pathfinders, also came with us.  We loaded up the van with dinner supplies for our meal that night as well as several freezer options for the coming weeks.  

To say the kids are enthralled with their new cousin would be an understatement.  Here is Pretty snuggling baby I.

To end our already crazy weekend, I woke up Sunday morning with a head cold.  My sinuses were so blocked that I felt like my head my explode from the pressure.  Thankfully, it didn't seem to last long as I was feeling much better by Tuesday evening.

Luckily, our week was relatively quiet and I was able to shake the remnants of the cold and it seems like most of the kids have escaped whatever bug I might have shared.

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