Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musings

There's nothing that starts a week off worse, than a sore neck.  Saturday night, I must have slept weird as I woke yesterday and could barely get out of bed for the pain in my neck.  The whole right side of my neck and shoulder is just a giant knot of soreness.  I don't know if I pulled a muscle, pinched a nerve or both.  I just know that even the slightest movement of my head sends shooting pain down my neck and shoulder.
And the pain isn't much better today.  I have a tiny bit more mobility of my head; but, not enough to really be productive at anything.

Of course, this doesn't go over well when I have a million things to do, including laundry and mopping floors.  Sadly, I've put both tasks off for too long and the house looks like a bomb went off.  It also doesn't help that Mr. Twingle is two weeks into his new job which has him working from home.  I feel like my daily routine is under scrutiny and that makes me uncomfortable.  Not that there's anything wrong with how Pickle and I go about our day; but, I feel like if I sit down at the computer too long or watch a complete TV show that I'm failing somehow as a mom and a wife.
I know I'm just overreacting.  Having us both at home is an adjustment for everyone.  Realistically, Mr. Twingle hasn't been home more than 2 or 3 weeks at a time in the sixteen years we've been together.  There have always been periods of him travelling and the kids and I have our routine down to a science.  Having Mr. Twingle home is going to take some getting used to and there will inevitably be some growing pains along the way.

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