Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Peptalash Review

Every woman longs for longer, fuller eyelashes.  You can deny it all you want, but, we've all bought into the variety of mascara's that claim to make your lashes longer, thicker, fuller and more.

I have been blessed with long eyelashes, but I'm always looking for that next product to make them look fuller.  I was pleased to try out peptalash by Indeed Labs.  I really thought, "what's the harm?, I've tried everything else".   

This is the press release I received to accompany peptalash:

Indeed Labs launches peptalash in Canada
Longer, thicker, darker lashes in just two weeks
Toronto, ON – An innovative eyelash serum that intensifies lashes in as little as two weeks has hit the market from Indeed Labs, creators of the internationally acclaimed Nanoblur and Snoxin. Peptalash is the first-ever combination of three clinically proven peptides that work together to promote lashes that appear longer and fuller.
These active peptides have been subjected to at least three in-vivo clinical studies. The results? Lash length was shown to increase by as much as 43 per cent, with lash diameter increasing by 40 per cent – almost three times the volume!  
We used a patent-pending peptide that naturally boosts the pigmentation process of the skin on the lash line. It stimulates the melanin production in the skin leading to a more intense and dark lash line,” said Dr. Adel Rammal, chief scientific officer at Indeed Labs.

 Long eyelashes have always been a sign of confident femininity, with women around the world using cosmetic products, medicine and treatments to augment their eyelashes for a more beautiful expression. However, many of these temporary solutions can require consistent detailed application and wear off easily. 

Peptalash makes it simple, requiring just two minutes a day for proven long-term results. Available for just a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market, there are no side effects and Peptalash is available without a prescription,” said Dia Foley, VP. Sales and Marketing at Indeed Labs. 

How to apply: In the morning and evening, apply to the base of the upper and lower eyelashes using the applicator brush. Start from the inner corner of the eye working towards the outer corner. For optimal results, shake container gently before each use. 

Peptalash ($24.99) is available across Canada exclusively at Shopper’s Drug Mart. 

About Indeed Laboratories Inc.:Indeed Labs is a Canadian skin care developer and marketer focused on delivering real results as cost-effectively as possible. Indeed believes in factual science, advanced biotechnology, uncompromised safety, clinical results and hype-free communication. Quality is a top priority, and Indeed uses high concentrations of the rarest, most effective actives from clinical laboratories in Switzerland, Spain, France and the United States to develop highly specific treatment products. For more information, please visit www.indeedlabs.com.

It sounds intriguing, doesn't it?  I received my sample and set to using it day and night as instructed.  My initial concern was that I was putting something on my eyes that I hadn't heard of before.  I had no idea if it was going to bother my eyes or if I was going to have some sort of adverse reaction.  Thankfully, none of that happened.  In fact, I hardly noticed I was putting anything on.  The product is so light, you don't even notice it, other than it's slightly cooler than body temp when you first put it on.

I didn't notice a difference right away.  Let's face it, I look at myself in the mirror every day; I'm not going to notice a subtle difference.  It wasn't until I met my mom for lunch about 10 days into using it that she wondered what new mascara I was using.  I hadn't put mascara on that day, and so I knew peptalash was making a difference.  The change is very subtle, I don't have a wealth of new glorious lashes; but, they have filled in and seem a little thicker than they were before using peptalash.  As for the length, I can't really judge that fairly as my lashes have always been long, brushing the inside of my sunglasses whenever I wear them.  They continue to do so after peptalash applications, so I can only say, that they haven't lost any length!
I would definitely say that peptalash from Indeed Labs is worth a try.  You might just find that this product does something that no mascara, at least not one I've tried, can do.

Disclosure –  I received a sample of peptalash to review. This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of Indeed Labs or Rock-it Promotions.

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  1. I read your review and tried it out since it was on sale for $19.99. The clerk showed me a more expensive product, Prevage but price point was much too high (approx. $115). I'm very pleased with the results from Peptalash! The product actually worked and in 2 weeks, my lashes were fuller, longer and stronger! I plan on buying this as Christmas presents for my girlfriends!