Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Musings

Good morning!  It's Cyber Monday, how exciting!  For those of you that dread heading to the malls at this time of year, Cyber Monday is exactly what you're looking for!
Get great holiday savings in the comfort of your own home! 

I love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Wishing people a Merry Christmas, yes, I still do that, and seeing the sights and sounds the holiday brings.  But, I also like being able to sit down with Pickle and search online for the best deal.  If that means ordering online, then that's what I'll do.  In fact, most of the shopping I have done so far has been online; a first for me.

That's why I'm so excited to share with you this amazing Cyber Monday deal from Mabel's Labels!  

Shop and be merry! Beginning Monday, November 26th through Tuesday, November 27th at 5:00pm, Mabel's Labels is ringing in the holiday season by offering 40% off Skinny MinisThe Basic KitShoe Labels, and Preschool Labels. Mabel's Labels products make perfect stocking stuffers, party favours and personalized add-ons to other gifts. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers, coupons or promotions or with purchases made through fundraisers. Hurry - before this offer ends! Happy Shopping! 

Now doesn't that make your Monday morning a little easier to bear?
Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Tomorrow is an exciting day!  Not only do the twins celebrate a birthday; the final instalment of the Twilight Saga hits the big screen!

Yogen Fruz, Jamba Juice and Yogurty's have partnered to hold a Twitter contest to celebrate the opening of the final instalment.  

Yogurty's, Jamba Juice and Yogen Fruz want you to take photos of yourself at their stores and tweet them using hashtag(s) #JambaCATwilight, #YogurtysTwilight or #TwilightFruz.

You could be selected to win a Twilight Breaking Dawn:  Part 2 prize pack including a t-shirt, poster and pen.

Enjoy the movie...I know I will!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It Takes a Community

This past Saturday, my Guide unit attended a Healthy Active Living Day for Guides.  This event was organized by an amazing woman and fellow Guider, Norine.  Norine is the Community Guide Guider for Community 12, which basically encompasses all of Hamilton.  She is the person we can go to when we have questions or concerns about our units, activities we are running and more.

Norine took it upon herself to put together this amazing event which showed Guide aged girls that they aren't alone in our big city.  There are other girls, the same ages, doing the same sorts of things from Tai Chi to Zumba to Laughter Yoga and Curling.  Not only was it a day demonstrating healthy and active lifestyle options; but, it was a day promoting Sisterhood.  One of the Guide Laws is "To Share in the Sisterhood of Guiding" and this event provided and outlet to do just that.

Girls were divided into groups and rotated round-robin style through the activities, breaking for a deliciously prepared lunch of sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and a cookie for dessert.  Then we continued on our day.
Norine, even had a training for the leaders planned while the girls participated in Curling.  The training was about Guide ceremonies and traditions and how to bring them back into our meetings!  I loved learning from my sister Guiders and hearing how they incorporate these aspects.  I now have an arsenal of ideas for this and upcoming years!

Here are some photos I took of the day.

Oh, and did I mention that through all these fabulous activites, the girls earned two badges!  They will be getting their Team Sport and Fitness Fun badges!  Way to go girls and a huge thanks to Norine for such a fabulous Guide event!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Musings

Sigh, another gloomy Monday is upon us. And what's that I see outside? Snow. Yep, just light flurries, nothing that will even stick; but, I'm not ready for the white stuff yet. There are still lots of Fall days left to enjoy. The maple tree in my backyard still has 90% of its leaves so I know it can't be winter yet.

However, the sights and sounds of the approaching holiday season are already upon us. Hallowe'en hadn't even finished before the stores were putting out Christmas decorations. Now, I love Christmas. It's my favourite holiday and I can't wait to put up my decorations. But, I do think we need to wait until after Remembrance Day on November 11. Veterans and fallen soldiers deserve our respect and remembrance without interference from the highly commercialized holidays.
It would seem that I am not alone in this sentiment. Shopper's Drug Mart customers voiced their opinions, about the holiday music piping through the store's PA, on the company's Facebook page and the company listened. They have ceased Christmas music until further notice.

So while I love Christmas and all it represents, I will proudly wear my poppy and remember those that have fought for the privileges we entertain today. I hope you will do the same and show your respect and thanks for our veterans and fallen soldiers.
And I will be among the masses decorating on November 12!

Have a great week.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Printcopia Review


I was recently approached by Printcopia to do a review of their product.  Our fabulous neighbour, photographer and owner of Michelle Ward Digital Images, had just given us our photos of Pickle and I thought "sure, I'll do a review and get a print of Pickle's new photos in the process".

I wasn't too sure how photos on canvas would turn out, so I was a little skeptical about the whole thing.    The Printcopia website is very user friendly and uploading you image is a breeze.  In fact, my very large, high quality, digital image took less than 10 seconds to upload.  That's very impressive, especially when I don't have a lot of extra time to spend online.  You can even upload images from Facebook and Instagram if so inclined.

You begin you order by selecting a size.  Printcopia has a range of sizes starting at 8" x 8" and ending at 30" x 40".  But, that's not all; they also have a custom size selector so you're certain to get the perfect size canvas to fit your space.  You can also select the canvas thickness; I went with .75" thickness to match the rest of the artwork I have displayed in our home.
Next you choose options for the sides of your canvas.  You can completely customize exactly how you want your photos on canvas to look; making the piece something you'll truly enjoy.

Once you've completed all your choice selections, it's time to check out.  Printcopia only accepts credit card (Visa, Amex or Mastercard) payments.  So if you're like many people today and don't own a credit card, this won't be a suitable print business for you to use.
Payments aside, the check out process is quick and painless.  It took me less than a minute to complete.

Once you've completed your order, the waiting is the hardest part.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised when my photo on canvas arrived just a few short days later!

I'm very pleased with the quality of the canvas.  My biggest decision right now, is trying to figure out the perfect place to hang it!

Disclaimer:  I received a free photo on canvas in exchange for my review.  The opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.