Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Musings

Sigh, another gloomy Monday is upon us. And what's that I see outside? Snow. Yep, just light flurries, nothing that will even stick; but, I'm not ready for the white stuff yet. There are still lots of Fall days left to enjoy. The maple tree in my backyard still has 90% of its leaves so I know it can't be winter yet.

However, the sights and sounds of the approaching holiday season are already upon us. Hallowe'en hadn't even finished before the stores were putting out Christmas decorations. Now, I love Christmas. It's my favourite holiday and I can't wait to put up my decorations. But, I do think we need to wait until after Remembrance Day on November 11. Veterans and fallen soldiers deserve our respect and remembrance without interference from the highly commercialized holidays.
It would seem that I am not alone in this sentiment. Shopper's Drug Mart customers voiced their opinions, about the holiday music piping through the store's PA, on the company's Facebook page and the company listened. They have ceased Christmas music until further notice.

So while I love Christmas and all it represents, I will proudly wear my poppy and remember those that have fought for the privileges we entertain today. I hope you will do the same and show your respect and thanks for our veterans and fallen soldiers.
And I will be among the masses decorating on November 12!

Have a great week.

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