Thursday, February 14, 2013

#50BookPledge: James Potter and the Vault of Destinies

Book number two on my 2013 #50BookPledge was James Potter and the Vault of Destinies.  This is the third book by G. Norman Lippert in the James Potter series, a fan-fiction spin off from Harry Potter.

I found the first of the James Potter series on Goodreads.  I don't even really remember how I came upon them; but, there they were for the reading.  You can actually read the books right from the Goodreads site on your desktop/laptop or mobile device.  I was skeptical about the books going in, I mean really how good is fan-fiction? 
Obviously, I enjoyed the first book enough to read more.  Before I started into the rest of the series, I googled Mr. Lippert and found his James Potter world.  It was here I learned Mr. Lippert writes these books and makes them free for download in either EPub or Mobi formats.  There is a disclaimer at the end of each of the James Potter books asking that readers purchase the other works of fiction written by Mr. Lippert so that he may continue writing the James Potter books we have come to enjoy. 

Like the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling, the James Potter series sees each book tying together the story of the young Mr. Potter.  Without giving away too much from the previous books, the third book, James Potter and the Vault of Destinies was, by-far, my favourite.  James reconnects with some original characters and really seems to come into his own.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the American wizarding world and meeting new characters that I wouldn't be surprised to find in future James Potter books.
For every similarity between the Harry Potter series and the James Potter series, there is an equal difference that makes the reader want to continue reading and following James along his journey of self-discovery. 

I have just learned that a fourth book in the series is due to release this Spring. I'll be sure to add it to my reading list as I'm quite intrigued by the challenges ahead of Mr. James Potter.

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