Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Another Guiding year is coming to an end.  To celebrate our last "regular" meeting we took the girls to see the new, Fox, animated film "Epic".

Going in, I thought what a perfect movie to describe our year.  It truly has been epic with our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, 2 camps, many guest speakers and more.  Little did I know that the film would be fitting for more than one reason.

The movie was fabulous.  As an adult, it's nice to go to an animated movie and actually enjoy it.  Epic had Sunflower and I laughing out loud on many an occasion.  I absolutely LOVED Steven Tyler's character, Nim; and I was drawn into the story.

What I loved even more about this film were the hidden messages.  Messages of acceptance, belonging and solidarity.  These are all messages that we, as Guiders, try to bring home to our girls every week and in everything we do.  Inclusivity is a fundamental part of Guiding; and, this movie really hits that message home.  See a teenage girl who sees her father as an embarrassment.  See the same young girl learn that her father's quirks are what set him apart from everyone else and make him special.  It's subtle and it's only one part of the story that portrays the message.
My favourite line from the movie is "Many leaves, One Tree".

Think about it.

No matter who we are, or what we want to do and be, we need to work together to achieve something great.  Isn't that what Guiding is about too?  We're all part of the Sisterhood and no one is alone.

Just the thought of belonging to something so amazing gives me goose bumps.  I'm so proud to be able to take our girls to movies like "Epic" and have the message brought forth in a new and different way.  Guiding is more than just cookies and uniforms.  We are something much, MUCH bigger...we're Epic!

Whether the girls "got" the message, I don't yet know.  We'll be sure to have a brief discussion about it next week at banquet.  But in the meanwhile, if there are any other Guiders or parents out there contemplating this movie, I say run, don't walk, to your nearest theatre!  You won't be disappointed.

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