Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Better Me, Week 4

I am four weeks, or 1 month in and I have lost 11.9 lbs!  This week's weigh in was another successful one.  I lost 3 lbs!  Not bad considering the trip to NYC and Thanksgiving.  I'm sure the 52,000 steps we walked in NYC helped.

I'm feeling better every day and choosing better options is becoming easier.  This past weekend I hosted Pickle's birthday party and then attended my niece's birthday on Sunday.  I passed on the cake one day and had a cupcake the next.  A slice of cake would have been 10 points, but the cupcake was only 5.  So while I still indulged, I made the wiser choice. 

I've also found that the Weight Watchers Mini Bars are AWESOME!  If I'm craving something a little sweet, they are the perfect go-to snack.  At only 2 points per bar, they give me that little something I need to keep going through the day.  I've actually started saving 2 points at the end of the day so I can have a little piece of heaven once the kids are in bed.  I especially love the Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Caramel bars...yum!

Sunday morning, Sharon and I met up to get our walk in.  5 km doesn't seem far; but you definitely feel it afterwards.  Especially since the path we used has an incline.  We weren't just walking a straight line the whole time.  We also decided to try the 30-day plank challenge.  It'll help strenghten core muscles which can only benefit in the end.  Yesterday was day 1, we had to hold plank for 20 seconds.  I got busy and forgot to plank, so I did it this morning.  My intention is doing day 1 this morning and day 2 tonight, so Sharon and I are working the same day.  I made it to 14 seconds this morning and I'm really hoping I can make the full 20 tonight.  Day 3 and 4 will be 30 second planks.  Eventually working up to 270 seconds or more by day 30...YIKES.

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it! 

Check back on Saturday for the next weigh-in results.

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