Monday, November 4, 2013

A Better Me, Week 6

6 weeks in already? How did that happen?

It feels like only yesterday I started this journey and yet I feel great! I had another successful weigh-in on Saturday. I'm down 1.9 lbs or 17.3 lbs to-date! I'm really proud of myself. When I look at how far I still have to go, it doesn't scare me. I see how far I've already come and it keeps me going. When I started this journey I thought 20 lbs by Christmas wouldn't be possible. Now, that not only seems possible; but, I may even surpass it. Sharon and I have been walking 5km every Sunday and we've decided to try and increase that to 7km this coming week. We're also still on track with the 30-day plank challenge. Today was 90 seconds and OMG did it hurt. But I got through it, shaking, burning muscles and all. I'm not looking forward to the 120 seconds tomorrow; but, I'll still do it. I may drop my knees or I may be a rockstar; but, I'll persevere nonetheless. I hope you all have a fabulous week. Check in again next week for more on my plight to a #betterme.

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