Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Better Me, Week 12

What a day!  The weather is definitely frightful.  We woke up to 10cm of white fluffy snow this morning and yet I still braved the elements in order to make my weekly weigh-in and meeting.

I'm happy and utterly surprised because I'm down 5 lbs!  Of course, that's a two-week loss; but, after Asheville last week I'm totally shocked.  I guess my brain was working after all and was helping me make better choices from the available options.  This puts me down 31.9 lbs so far and I've now surpassed my 10% goal!
I've set a new goal.  I try to keep them small and attainable to keep me going.  So another 15 lbs. will be goal number 3.  Here's to hoping I'm not a statistic this holiday season.  Studies show that the average person gains 10 lbs. between Dec 1 and Jan 15.  10 lbs!  That's a LOT of weight, that I hope I don't find.  In fact, as long as I don't gain over the holidays, I'll be happy.  Losses would be ideal, but I'll totally take maintaining my current weight over the statistical gain.

Well, I better sign off.  Lots to do on this snowy Saturday.  See you next week on my journey to a #betterme.

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