Friday, February 21, 2014

Cheering for the Home Team

Wow!  What an amazing couple of days for the Canadian Olympic team!  Like many other proud Canadians, I've been riveted to the games.  While I'm not much of a hockey fan, my adrenaline was pumping fast a furious during yesterday's Women's Hockey Gold Medal game.  Today, our men take on the Americans in the semi-final.  Thank goodness for updates on my phone...I'll know what's happening even if I can't watch the game while I'm at work.

There's just something about the Olympics that makes Canadians (and other countries) stand proud and true.  In Hamilton, the highway overpasses have been dotted with Canadian flags; and everytime I pass one I smile to myself. 
I've always been a proud Canadian; however, the games just seem to bring a heightened sense of pride to the forefront.

And so I say this to all our Olympic athletes, medalists or not, THANK YOU for a job well done.  You've done Canada proud.

Go Canada Go

Oh yeah, and Boo got to hang out with three-time Olympic medalist Cherie Piper...and try on her Vancouver 2010 Gold cool is that?!

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