Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeling Good

It happened!  That moment I've been waiting for since starting my weight loss journey 5 month ago. 
I ran into someone I haven't seen in over a year; someone whom I don't speak with or follow on social media; and they noticed!  It started off with the "you look different" comment and then "did you do something to your hair?"; and then I admitted to losing 49.5 lbs.  Of course, they were very happy for me; but it wasn't even getting the acknowledgement that made me feel good.  It was the "you look different" comment that made my day.

I see my clothes fitting better, or becoming too big and I can see the weight loss in my face and neck; but, having someone else notice...someone that didn't know that I've been working towards a better made me feel so good and it's given me the motivation to keep going.  I will get to my ultimate goal no matter how hard the journey.

It boggles me how one simple comment can make me feel so good.  But that's what life is like.  A series of moments coming together to become something amazing.  This is just one moment along the way!

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