Monday, March 24, 2014

A Better Me, Week 26

26 consecutive weeks of losses! 

Yep, I'm down another 2 lbs this week; making my total 55.4 lbs to date. 

I'm pretty sure 26 weeks of losses is not the norm.  I keep waiting for me to hit that plateau; but, so far it hasn't happened.  Don't get me wrong, I'm quite happy to keep losing.  It means I'm well on my way to the new and improved me.  I know it helps keep me motivated when I see those pounds dropping off.  But, I'm not naïve and I know I won't continue like this.  I will plateau at some point and I need to stay positive to overcome that hurdle when I get to it.

I had an overwhelming response to my 6-month progress report post, thank you for all the love and support.  The way I see it, the more people that know about my #weightlossjourney, the more accountable I am for how I move forward.  So feel free to share with your friends, family or anyone you think might feel inspired by my story. 

I also couldn't do this without the help of Weight Watchers.  I have learned, and continue to learn, how to shop, eat and prepare meals for myself and my family.  Through WW, I've learned that there is nothing I can't eat; but, I look at every food and decide if it's something I really, really, REALLY (thanks Sue Smiley) want before eating it.  I still indulge in a glass of wine or a slice of cake now and then; but, WW has taught me that I do have the willpower to say "no", or to have a smaller piece and savour it instead.

Thank you all for the continued support on my road to a #betterme.  I love you all, xo.

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