Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Better Me, Week 27

The streak continues.  27 consecutive weeks of losses!

I'm down another 1.3 lbs this week.  My total?  56.7 lbs lost.  I'm closing in on 60...I have it in my sights.

Today, Sharon and I went to our Weight Watchers meeting and it was fabulous as usual.  Our leader, Sue Smiley (possibly the BEST WW leader ever), asked us what inspired us to join WW and what keeps us motivated.  I shared that I joined to become healthy for me and to ensure that I'm around for my kids as they grow older.  I also shared that my kids are what keep me motivated especially when Pretty, who is not active at all, asked if she could learn to run with me!  That's a huge step for her and for me.  It gives me the strength to keep going but it also shows that she has noticed me taking pains to become healthy and wants to join me on my journey.  Talk about a proud mama moment.  I got a bit emotional and everyone was so supportive and sharing in my moment.  It was great; but, it got better.  Sharon shared how we joined together and I am what keeps her motivated.  Of course she made me cry. Sharon is my biggest cheerleader and supporter and I really couldn't do this without her.  Together we are on a path to healthier versions of ourselves and we challenge each other to keep moving forward.  It's moments like this, the shared stories at the WW meetings that make me love Weight Watchers.

My Saturday morning was topped off with a much needed pedicure.  Sharon and I bonded over cuticles and polish; and my toes & feet are now flip flop ready.  Bring on spring!

Thanks for stopping by and following my #weightlossjourney to a #betterme.  See you all next week!

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