Monday, August 24, 2015

Cruciate Surgey for Röxi

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the Twingle family household.  Two weeks ago, our beloved pet Röxi was outside playing with the neighbourhood kids when we heard a yelp.  Not seeing what caused the cry, we could only see that she was favouring her left rear leg.  After a trip to our vet, we learned that she'd suffered a cruciate tear.  In other words, she'd torn her knee ligaments and would need surgery to repair the knee.  Röxi adapted rather quickly to functioning on three legs; and, had no problem taking advantage of the extra TLC she was receiving.

The vet assured us that this type of injury is common in dogs, some breeds more prone to it than others; but, the surgery would have her up and going in no time.  So less than a week later, we took her in for the surgery that would get her back on four feet.

The surgery went well and I went to pick her up the same day.  Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for what I was about to learn.  No one warned us how intense her recovery was going to be.  We were sent home with 3 different prescriptions, 2 handouts of instructions and a cone to prevent her licking her stitches.  One of the hand outs details step by step, day by day, rehab exercises for us to do with Röxi.  The biggest hurdle?  NO stairs for 6 months!!!  What do you mean no stairs?  We have 8 steps into our backyard.  How is she going to go to the bathroom?  Not just that, we have to exercise her 3-4 times a day with a variety of different exercises.  No one said anything about how long and time consuming recovery was going to be; but, she's my baby and we'd figure it out together.  

We got home a little after 7pm, and I carried the baby into the house putting her on the couch beside me.  She whined and cried for TWO hours.  I was heart broken as I had no idea how to help her.

After many tears, mine and hers, I managed to get her into her crate for the night and settled in for a long, restless sleep.  And it was just that.  At one point, I heard Röxi yelp, but she settled down for the most part, crying only 6 or 7 times through the night.  

The next morning, Röxi was more alert and much calmer.  She still couldn't get around on her own but she was a lot more settled.  After speaking to the vet about the fact that she hadn't gone to the bathroom and wasn't using her "good" leg, we were told to give her a couple days and she'd figure it out.  Spoiled dog that she is, we carried her in and out all day long and she was definitely happy for a change in scenery. 

Sunday, was much of the same.  Still no bathroom usage outside.  She had gone pee in her crate overnight which we were glad to see.  She was happy to drink water and eat the cheese slices I was wrapping her pills in; but, otherwise she had no interest in eating or getting around on her own.

And so that brings us to Monday and another trip to the vet.  We needed to know what was going on with the "good" leg, and why she's not using it yet.  So after another set of X-rays, it looks like her "good" knee is now the injured knee.  Yep, that's right, she has to have surgery on the other leg.  After consulting with the surgeon, it has been decided that we need to wait 5 weeks before moving forward.  Not only to give the repaired knee more opportunity to heal, but to reduce the risk of complications during the new surgery. 

Now we wait...we wait for her to figure out how to get around; we wait for her to go to the bathroom on her own; and we wait for the next surgery.  

Despitee it all and this new set back, Röxi is a superstar.  She's been handling everything very well and allows us to do her passive range of motion exercises without even a whimper.  I know she's going to get through this in time, we just have to take things at her pace.