Monday, November 30, 2015

The Adventure Begins; Day 1

I don't know who was more excited for our first day at Disney.  After arrival yesterday, we checked out our AirBNB rental, got some groceries and took time to relax after the long travel day.  Our flight boarded; but, then was delayed almost 2 hours at the gate as customs was so backed up they held the plane.  Not a huge deal; but, for little people who have been up since 5am and are bursting with excitement, it makes for a long day.

Once we arrived in Orlando, we quickly found our bags and rental car and found the way to our home for the week.  I had received email directions on how to get there so we were armed with a plan.  First stop was lunch at the Olive Garden.  We were all famished by the time we got in and it happened to be the first restaurant we found that wasn't fast food.  No one complained as we all love it there.  Next, we found Super Target!  For us Canadians, this is a big deal.  Target tried and failed in Canada and we miss it.  Super Target was something we didn't have at all, and so it was awesome to check it out and pick up some things we'd need over the next week.

Finally, we got to our home.  We totally won the AirBNB gamble.  A great private house, with its own pool and games room, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathroom.  It was the perfect home away from home.  The kids didn't waste any time getting in the unheated pool that night.  But there was no way, I was getting in, lol.

In the morning, we had a big breakfast to start the day off right and then we were on our way.  We made a point of getting car selfies every morning to start our adventure.  

As we were leaving our villa, as I guess the residences in and around Orlando are all their own little groupings, we saw Orlando wild life first hand with this really cool bird just grazing in the grass.  The thing was HUGE!
Our home was only a 20 minute drive from Disney which helped with the "are we there yet" comments from the kids. And what kind of scrapbooker would I be if I didn't take pictures of the signs along the way ;)

OMG, we made it!  I was practically bouncing in my seat.  Mr. Twingle may have told me a few times to simmer down, lol.

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