PR Friendly

Life of a Twingle Gal is a PR friendly blog.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I can be reached via email,, Twitter or Facebook.

Payment for all services is required in advance and is non-refundable.


1. I must receive an actual product or service or sample of a product to write my review.  I will accept a free product coupon or gift card in order to purchase the product at a local store.

2.  I will email you once I have received the product and within the next few weeks, I will post my review. I will email you with the link when the review has been posted.

3.  As part of the review, I will use pictures and links to your site.  I will direct readers to your Facebook account, Twitter account or blog as you prefer.

4.  I will mention sales, specials or discounts as requested should they fit in with the product or service I am reviewing for you.

5.  I do NOT accept monetary compensation for the reviews I write.

6.  I do NOT accept products or services related to gambling, sex, pornography, abortion, new age products/services or alcohol.

7.  I do NOT require a giveaway in order to write a review.  If you would like to sponsor a giveaway in addition to a review, I am happy to accommodate that request and offer it to my readers.

8.  Please do not send me the prize for the giveaway.  I will notify you when the giveaway winner has been selected and you can send the prize directly to them.

I'm very open to the products and services I review.  We live a very natural, eco-friendly life style.


1.  Text link in Sidebar is $30.00/month

2. Button in Sidebar is $50.00 (top page, below my buttons)


1.  iPhone App reviews $35 + promo code for download.

2.  Sponsored tweets, $15/tweet

3.  250 word advertorial post, to be provided by advertiser, $100

4.  250 word sponsored post and/or review, written by me, $75

5.  400 word sponsored post and/or review, written by me, $150

All sponsored posts include a minimum of three (3) links, and will be promoted via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ upon publication.

*Prices are subject to change without notice - Policy as of April 2011